Summer is here!


I use that term loosely as it has been 50 and raining a lot lately but school is out! If you know my children, you know they can easily sit […]

Halloween on Hichitee!


This is the second Halloween living in this house. Last year, we were told by our neighbors that our cul-de-sac had a party every Halloween up until a few years […]


Fall mantle

School started last week so in my mind Fall is here! (Of course, the temps are the hottest they have been all summer!) I’ve had a pallet in my garage […]

Snack saver


Do you put granola bars, crackers or other snacks in your purse or diaper bag and pull them out to eat and they are smashed or crumbled?!  I’ve stopped bringing […]

DIY Kimono


       Im sure all of you are just dying for another birthday party post… but too bad, you will just have to wait!  This post I’m going to […]